Set Full Time Focus to Insurance Prospects

There is a difference when you try to get in touch with nothing but the best prospects for your insurance business from dedicating a full-time focus to it. You might think that these are two conflicting must-do for an insurance increase; but what you need to do is to create a path to make the ends meet.

First, calling ONLY the best prospects on your insurance leads helps you filter out the good ones from the entire list. That way, the next time you attempt to make a call to the names on your list, you will have an idea whether you will be talking to the very interested ones or the slightly indecisive prospects. You can label them as well for future reference.

The second step is to dedicate fully to your good insurance prospects. This is simply doing the act of looking in to open opportunities with them. Talk to them, understand their needs and possibly offer what you have that could sound great to their ears. This is the “make or break” stage, whether or not you are able to make a new insurance customer or not.

And another phase of this dedication is when you take also a full-time focus on doing only one task. This just means to say that if you are planning to find more prospects, you will have to give up answering phone calls or attending to other things.

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