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Don’t Be A Robot

There is a high percentage of corresponding with your customers or leads using electronic mail. This medium which is popularly known as e-mail faces a rather far-reaching problem in communication compared to when you’re facing your potential client(s) in person.

If you want to make an impression through e-mail, you have to make sure that you observe the proper and polite way of presenting your insurance policy. It isn’t easy though since you can’t flash your client the winning smile you’re ready to give in person.

In your case, since e-mail is the most convenient way of reaching potential clients the interactive way, be sure you steer clear of robotic words and construction. What you want to establish here is the relationship and trust that you could gain from the invitation you’re sending out. Make sure your e-mail doesn’t sound like one of the billion spam mails sent out everyday.

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Making Follow-Ups

Making follow ups for your insurance customers is more than just a courtesy gesture from a business provider. Your customers and potential clients will surely be delighted to experience your more-than-willing-to-help character and what else; it could become your edge against other insurance competitors.

When you make follow ups, try to make it personal. Discuss with your contacts the previous things you’ve talked about from your last call (e-mail or mail). Don’t even dare ask your contact if they’ve made their decision about choosing your insurance service or not. Let them buy out their time for the decision making.

And lastly, don’t schedule follow ups too near or far apart from the last contact you’ve made with your potential customer. Anywhere from a week to a week and a half of follow up is okay.

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Networking For Insurance

Networking skills doesn’t develop overnight or even by attending a networking event. But this skill is highly important in dealing with other insurance clients and finding insurance leads. Some insurance agents though, think that by attending these kinds of gathering could put their names next to the list of great insurance agents’.

Don’t even use networking events in finding leads or getting even one. You need to concentrate on how to improve your very own, personal networking ability to catch up with other insurance agents. While you’re in one, get to know other agents as well and try to exchange ideas with individuals and start to maintain contact with them.

When you’ve learned a lot, attended many events and known other agents, you know you’re ready because by the time a potential lead comes up to you, you just don’t show interest, but also build trust, follow up and maintain the relationship.

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