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Your Insurance Website Domain Name

What is it with dot coms, dot nets and other domain names ending other than the ones mentioned? One thing is that when you have an insurance website or even other websites in this internet age, you need a domain name that can be remembered easily by customers and potential visitors.

How can you make sure that your domain name is among the easiest to memorize? Consider this, all the other primary and effective websites on the net has dot com as its extension. Take note, its not dot org or dot net or other dots…just plain dot com.

Another thing is the hyphen. If I were the visitor, I’d click on your URL (with all the hyphens) the first time I find it on the net. I’d check your site and I find it interesting. But I was in a hurry and forgot to add your page in my bookmarks. The next day, I wanted to show a friend all about your website but then I couldn’t remember the exact URL. What could happen next is either I search for your site all over again from search engines or opt to find another similar site as yours. Of course, I’d go for the less time-consuming choice.

So as much as possible, it’s better to have all the words altogether without any symbol to separate them. Lastly, you don’t need to spend a fortune for a webhosting service. All you need to have is a reliable webshosting service so that it never has to experience downtime. Of course, affordable is better too.

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An Alternative Website for Insurance Leads

You have heard about what is needed to have a good insurance website for leads. Creating a website which has good content all the way is a good source of leads for your insurance business. A content based website has everything a good website should have, but what you want to make sure of is that you have the pages controlled and the content updated regularly.

Although this could become time-consuming, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that your credibility among internet users and insurance seekers in the cyber world is highly regarded. Another website you can try though is the one that has a “landing page”. This type of website has one page only and your main goal with this website is to gain subscription from visitors and even regular customers. You can take advantage of issuing free report for your subscribers or even mini-courses where they can learn new information.

It may sound simple; however, a website based on a landing page doesn’t guarantee a good position with search engine rankings. What you need to do next is to pay for PPC or pay-per-click advertising services. This way, you’ll get more traffic out of the exposure you get on major search engines.

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Sales copy for your Insurance Website

As an online insurance agent, you will need all the help you can have from the real experts online. Of course not everyone you know online will be willing enough to impart what they know in terms of handling online insurance successfully. But what’s good about the internet is that you will have hundreds more of sources to turn to when one website doesn’t exactly have what you want to learn. And this post is one of the useful sources you can stumble upon on the cyberspace world.

For you and your website to be recognized easily, you need to make a good internet sales letter. This is the chance when you can sell what you know and what your website is good at to potential customers. Include an all time winner word “because” for the most part of your reasoning to justify your ideas on the letter.

Honesty is still the best policy. This is true because people will most likely feel moved by the reason(s) that you have on your insurance website. If you have a good reason, and the reason isn’t just another good excuse to save your online business, but it’s a good reason because it’s the truth; you will surely get positive feedback from most of the people. Tell them what they need to learn.

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Before You Submit Your Insurance Website

What are the important things you need to check on when you submit your insurance website to major search engines? Let’s say you want to submit your insurance website to only?

What you don’t know is that this search engine, google, already has a list of important things that it needs from websites submitted to it daily. To save you time and effort (and in some cases, money), you might want to visit Also, you can find information about how your site can be ranked.

Of course you need to submit your site as well with Yahoo – the king of website directories. The fact is that, when you have a good website standing in Yahoo, you’ll also have a good standing at the Google Page Rank.

With Yahoo though, you don’t want to make mistakes and not comply with what it requires to avoid errors. To avoid most common errors done in submitting sites to Yahoo, be sure that you know on which category your site will fall on, there’s enough content and information on the site, correct contact information, good working site and a good appeal that justifies more than the reason “to increase your site’s traffic.”

Have you thought about the mentioned things above for your insurance website? You can actually learn more from this source.

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What Most Online Insurance Agents Overlook

The internet is a neat source for everything we want to look for and finding it in an instant at the right time is good enough in making our day. Many insurance companies and even realtors have taken the business interactively. But as customers, what we need is not just an informative site to lean on but also, a reliable one.

When we see a cheap insurance quote online, we then find the next important thing on the list and so on…so to be an effective internet insurance agent, think of the entire packaging you have to offer for your customers and potential customers.

Most online business in general ignores or deletes the non-respondents on their directory. As an insurance broker, you don’t want to do that. Instead of avoiding these types of subscribers, what you can do is find out what they really want, and search for another available partner online and make them your affiliate. Then, promote what they have to your current subscribers.

As an insurance agent online, you have to realize that the mentioned points are just some of the things that matter with your insurance business. But the good thing about the internet is that any small company can compete with big and established ones. It’s just a matter of dedication and keen observation to capture what insurance business is all about especially for your online insurance customers.

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