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Sports – Includes sports news, fantasy sports and league sites, such as,, and (Daily Racing Form).

The top three categories (Business Content/Investment, Entertainment/Lifestyles and Personals/Dating) accounted for 62% of all paid content revenues in the first three quarters of 2002. The total market for paid online content in the U.S. grew to $361.4 million for the quarter, a 14 percent gain over the previous quarter and a 105.3 percent gain over Q3 2001. An interesting statistic put forward by this report is that 85% of money spent by U.S. Consumers for online content goes to the top 50 sites in most of the categories.


Many other research findings support these statistics. A paper conducted on the Existence and Characteristics of Dayparts on the Internet concludes that the total Internet usage of site categories is highest for Entertainment related websites. On an average day, Entertainment websites recorded 14.2% of the total usage. Other significant paid content sites are General News (8.1%), and Business finance websites (5.3%).


In terms of “stickiness” of different categories, Business sites - especially finance and investment ranked the highest. In other words, users are more likely to spend longer time surfing through a business website compared to other categories. This study was conducted by Nielsen//NetRatings. The most addictive web categories, according to this study, for 2002 are:


  • Business – Finance and Investment
  • General News
  • Entertainment


A person spent on an average 21 minutes on a business website, especially finance and investment sites. The average time spent on general news sites was 15 minutes, whereas the average time for entertainment sites was 14 minutes.


Nielsen//NetRatings also conducted such studies for Internet users in the UK. The most popular paid online content websites for the year 2002 were News and current affairs (67%). Other popular categories in terms of usage are Entertainment (57%), Dating/Personals (30%), and Games (15%).


Top 25 Web Destinations by 2002 Consumer Content Revenue


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