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Business Content – Includes business news (e.g.,, business research (e.g.,, investment advice (e.g., and digital content used for business purposes (e.g.,


Community Directories – Includes sites whose content is created in large part through the efforts of other site visitors, for example,, and


Credit Help – Includes sites offering access to consumer credit history records and related content, for example and


Entertainment/Lifestyles – Includes digital music and multimedia (e.g., and, as well as erotica (e.g.,, humor, recipes and other content intended for amusement, leisure and diversion.

Games – Includes online games that are played through a Web browser, both as distributed through portal sites (e.g., Yahoo! and, and offered direct through specialized gaming sites such as Alien Adoption Agency, Case's Ladder and The Well Dressed SIM.


General News – Includes sites like, and


Greeting Cards – Includes sites like, and Single-purchase revenue in this category includes revenue generated from the attachment of gift certificates to content.


Personal Growth – Includes motivational and "self-betterment" sites, such as, and


Personals/Dating – Includes sites that foster dating, such as, and


Research – Includes library-type research tools (e.g., Merriam-Webster, and, as well as consumer research (e.g., and, people search (e.g.,, medical and more.

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